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New Adventures in web design

Extras and Events

The New Adventures paper

The paper

A one-off newspaper printed by The Guardian Print Centre, featuring 28 full colour pages of articles and information.

Just like the main event, this one-off paper packs plenty of opinion. Within the pages you'll find specially commissioned contributions from established and notable designers, and much more besides.

Sure, it contains some conference-specific info (which we think you'll find useful when you watch the forthcoming free videos), but with the contributions and other nuggets we think it's too good to be enjoyed by only 650 people.

Featuring the likes of Trent Walton, Frank Chimero, Mark Boulton, The Standardistas, Jason Cale, James Willock and others, it's something we think you'll love.

Download the PDF or order a paper copy now.

Tweet Your Wisdom

Tweet your wisdom

Now, those Erskine Design folks sure love Twitter. And they sure love you.

To celebrate all of this love, they bring us Tweet Your Wisdom especially for New Adventures. They're creating a strictly limited series of beautifully screen printed B2 posters featuring the six best tweets, and they'll be randomly gifting and awarding these during the bowling night and the main conference day.

To find out more, just teleport yourself over to Tweet Your Wisdom.

Erskine Bowling

Erskine Bowling

Our friends at Erskine Design have long been plotting something special for you conference attendees. This time, they're taking their famous Socials to a whole new level. They've booked an entire bowling alley!

To partake, you'll need to set up your team via Twitter, so get organised and get into fives. What a charming way to meet new friends. It's really easy, but you need to act fast to ensure you make the cut.

It's free to attend, so come along even if you aren't in a team. There's lots of space, a licensed bar, lots of friendly web people, and a barrel of pre-conference excitement.

So, don't be un-Dude. Release that unchecked aggression, polish your balls, and get ready to roll. But remember, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

19th January. From 8pm until midnight, 1 Belward Street, NG1 1JZ (Google map).
For more info and signup visit Erskine Bowling.

Second Wednesday Warmup

Second Wednesday

Before we even knew what design was, there existed Second Wednesday, a place for geeks, freelancers, designers and agency owners to discuss business issues, drink, and talk shop.

The fact that Wednesday 19th January is the third Wednesday of the month doesn't worry this lot. No. To help welcome you New Adventurers, they are putting on a special edition of Second Wednesday to entertain you.

Expect live music, close up magic, dancers, and a DJ, and meet web industry folks from Nottingham and all over the country. It's happening at Antenna, an exclusive venue with a great bar. It's a bargain at a fiver on the door, which they need to cover the cost of the acts.

19th January. From 8pm, Antenna, 9A Beck Street, NG1 1EQ (Google map).
For more info, visit Second Wednesday forthwith.


Books for sale

On the day, we'll have several wonderful exhibitors at the venue. You'll be able to check out some demos, sign up for services, and buy some brilliant books.

Expect appearances from Five Simple Steps, Fontdeck, Opera, and Sushiworks. Also, Pearson will be selling a huge range of books on everything from design, HTML, CSS, UX, and all that stuff. Get saving!

The After-party


On the edge of the historic Lace Market, Escucha is a big, comfy, plush, friendly kind of place, and we're thrilled to be hosting our after-party at this brilliant Nottingham venue. With two floors, two bars, lots of seating, private corners and comfy booths, it's big enough to hold you all.

So, once you've filled up with good food around town, come join us from 8pm for a wind-down after the conference. There's Guinness and good lagers on tap, and all the usual wines, shots, and mixers you'd expect. Oh, and before you ask, there will be a Disc Jockey, but rest assured you'll be able to hear yourselves think. Time at the bar is 2am. And yes, selected drinks will be free... for as long as the tab lasts.

Escucha is a ten-minute stroll from The Albert Hall, and if you wish you can catch a tram between the venues; or just follow the tram tracks on foot. Simon will fill you in on all the details and spots to eat before you leave the conference, and prevent you from getting lost or going hungry.